Having trouble getting into your Middle splits? Or just want to improve overall flexibity? No worries! Join the Curly Buddha for the May Middle Splits Challenge to help you achieve your goal and get you one step closer to your middle split! 


Some things to know before joining :


  • Videos of different stretches are posted once a week to focus on different muscle groups to help you move towards your split.
  • Before and after pictures are required (you can crop your face out).
  • Yoga sessions are held every Friday at 6pm EST via Zoom.
  • This is a challenge, but more importantly it's an opportunity to connect! All participants will have access to shared private GroupMe and Facebook Group chats.
  • Recommended Equipment:  Yoga blocks and yoga straps ( not required)
  • Health Advisory: The Curly Buddha is NOT Liable for any injuries.Check with your medical provider for clearnce before joining this challenge.
  • Winning Prizes: The top 3 winners will recieve a cash prize. In addition,  all winners will receive a free 16 oz. jar of The Curly Buddha's sea moss gel. Winners are chosen based on particpation in the group forums, dedication, and overall progres.

May Middle Split Challenge